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Nothing but natural cold process soaps and 100% pure therapeutic grade oils


 I, the Cabin Crafter (Cheryl), learned to make soap, lotions, and balms from my dear friend Brenda in the late 90’s. While pregnant, Brenda created a ‘jelly belly’ lotion stick for me and later a wonderful mild milk soap for my son. Brenda taught me this wonderful art.

Using only the best essential oils, my handcrafted soaps and oils are colored and scented by the natural ingredients used to make them. They are delightful! Each formulation is a result of my own two hands, created because I want the best for my family and yours. As a result, our soaps are ALWAYS highest quality with NO additives or unnatural ingredients, scents or colors.
You may notice a variety of colors and shades within the same batch of soap. This is due to excess oils for your skin (I generally superfat at 7%-8%) as well as temperature differences to protect essential oils' healing properties. Because each product is hand made/hand blended by me, inventory quantities are limited.

I will take special orders: 

*if you have an idea

*a specific type of soap or scent you want

*to repeat a particular soap recipe

Special requests will require a  deposit and take 2-6 weeks for the saponification (curing) process to complete. Call 352.516.0325 and Let's talk SOAP N OIL!

Hand-picked goldenrod

Hand crafted goldenrod soap

I am so proud of this one! We Hand picked the goldenrod flowers blooming last month. I made a tea (both to drink-yum and to make soap) and infused olive oil with the goldenrod. Between both, this soap smells and feels incredible! The lather is good too. To see why I am excited about this one, the article at the link below sites various journal sources. 

Seasonal only

True Story Of Sigmund's Oil (Calm Pup)


My lively 150 lb puppy, Sigmund got a deep cut into his paw while playing outside a couple of months ago.

The first couple of vet visits involved putting my sweet boy under to stitch and then again to re-stitch and staple it. 150 lbs will break some stitches loose in a red hot minute!

I read an article about letting your pet 'choose' their oils. Based on his/her interest in them, Sigmund chose several. I blended them with a carrier oil and we rubbed a couple drops on his bare tummy and a drop on the skin part of each ear.

Within 15 minutes he was noticeably and considerably calmer!

By this time Sigmund was a celebrity in the clinic. On our third visit, the vet was nervous about whether Sigmund would let her attend to the paw since he hadn't either time before. It was still so sore and raw. I had used a travel diffuser (thank you Carrie!!!) with 'his' oils all the way to the vet.

The vet, vet tech, and myself were stunned at how calm and patient he was with us as we tended the injury. It had finally started to heal! We continued to use the oil daily, at home, for the calm (relax and let your foot heal) aura.

After 6-7 weeks it is finally healed!!! We still break out the 'calm pup' when we get a little too high strung.

It was like a miracle! I don't know how we would have managed to keep him off the foot and calm for potty breaks if this hadn't have worked.

BTW his favorite carrier oil is jojoba...

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